Kitesurfing girl of the moment: Bruna Kajiya, Brasil

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We love to highlight the women making waves in kitesurfing here at Lenguaventura and this month our kitesurfing girl crush is Brazilian rider, Bruna Kajiya. Here’s three reasons why we love Bruna Kajiya!

1. She’s the best female kitesurfer out there!

Bruna Kajiya is the World Champion for kiteboarding in 2017 which means she has been the World Champion not one, not two, but three times! She’s also five times Vice World Champion and five times Brazilian Champion. She is sponsored by Red Bull, Mystic and Airush which are companies that give huge support to women in kitesurfing. Bruna proves that women really can make it to the top!

2. She’s gives us serious #fitspo!

Bruna’s Instagram feed is jam-packed full of activity… if she’s not running races to raise money for charity, she’s either diving, hiking or doing yoga in order to keep herself physically and mentally fit for her challenging kitesurfing competitions. Her healthy lifestyle and positive outlook is truly inspirational to us here at Lenguaventura so make sure you check out her Instagram here. 

3. She loves kitesurfing in Tarifa!

Tarifa is one of the world’s best kitesurfing destinations and the World Champion knows this too! Kitesurfing girl Bruna is a fan of Tarifa’s beautiful beaches and perfect weather for kitesurfing. So check out her Tarifa journey on her Instagram Stories highlights or this awesome video

So there’s three reasons why we love Bruna Kajiya. Why not discover the other female kitesurfers and windsurfers we admire here at Lenguaventura such as Lena Erdil and Annabel Van Westerop? Also check out our blog post to discover the best kitesurfing girls to follow on Instagram here.

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