Lenguaventura’s windsurfing idol: Lena Edril

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3 Reasons why we love Windsurfing Champion, Lena Erdil

Lena Erdil is our windsurf girl of the season! Born in Turkey and raised in Germany, she started to windsurf at the young age of only two, before becoming the Turkish junior champion when she was 15 years old. Since then her windsurfing career has gone from strength to strength competing in windsurfing competitions and championships all over the world.

She won her first race in 2011 at the PWA Championships and became a windsurfing ambassador for drinks brand, Red Bull, in the same year. She is the fastest woman in GPS speed surfing and hope to become the women’s windsurf slalom world champion in the near future! That’s seriously a lot for one girl to take on which is why she’s our windsurfing idol of the season! Here’s three reasons why we love Lena Erdil!

She has a seriously cool vlog on Youtube!

Lena’s Youtube vlog takes you behind-the-scenes in her daily life for all the windsurf adventures you could wish for! It features healthy workouts to keep you in top shape for the physical demands of sports; her windsurf travels across the globe to places like Morocco and the sweetest windsurfing love stories. Check it out now on Lena’s Youtube

She’s not just physically strong but super intelligent too!

Lena is not just a great windsurfer but is also super smart having completed a degree in philosophy and politics from Sussex University. She also speaks four languages and is leading the way for the windsurfing community with her popular vlogs, promoting the sport to the new generation like you! 

She teaches windsurf techniques!

Lena is a busy woman but that doesn’t stop her from running her own windsurf school, the Lena Erdil Windsurf Centre in Turkey, which teaches all you need to know about windsurfing from one of the top professional athletes in the world.

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Follow Lena’s windsurf travels on her Instagram feed @lenaerdil.

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