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The Lenguaventura Kitesurf/Windsurf/Adventure summer camp for teenagers in Tarifa Spain is always inspired to hear the stories of our favourite female kitesurfers. This month we’ve been discovering Bibiana Magaji, a professional female kitesurfer from Slovakia. Find out below about how she discovered kitesurfing and her professional career in the sport.

How did Bibiana Magaji get into kitesurfing?

Bibiana Magaji is a Slovakian professional female kitesurfer, who was born in October 1982. Bibiana started kitesurfing after seeing a group of guys kiteboarding over the snow during a holiday in Bormio, Italy one winter. She instantly knew it was what she wanted to do and saved up to buy herself a second hand kite and board on Ebay.

Her first kitesurfing experiences were not without challenges. Little did Bibiana know that her equipment was not suitable for a beginner, so she could only manage to ride 10 metres or so without crashing. But she soon sought advice and managed to make her first 200 metre distance ride whilst kitesurfing in Greece in 2009.

Bibiana Magaji’s kitesurfing career

After Bibiana finished her university course (where she studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business) she took a VDWS instructor course to enable her to teach kitesurfing professionally. After completing her course she received a number of job offers and went to teach kitesurfing in Egypt for three and a half months. She then  returned to her home in Austria and began teaching kitesurfing at Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedler. She also set up a business selling kitesurfing equipment to people in her region.

In 2014, Bibiana won the Seamen Race Hamata for the second time and went on to join the PKRA Slalom Tour in Austria. Bibiana’s career continued to excel and she was named Big Air World Champion in 2016. Recently, Bibiana won the Seaman Race Hamata in 2019.

Today Bibiana continues to take part in international kitesurfing competitions. She also runs her kitesurfing business selling top range equipment and teaching kitesurfing lessons to other budding kitesurfers.  

Fun facts about Bibiana Magaji

  • Her favourite place to kitesurf is Hamata in Egypt.
  • Bibiana is not only fast on a kite board but she can jump really high too… Her friends call her the “highest jumping girl at Lake Neusiedler”.
  • Bibiana achieved her first kitesurfing jumps in Lefkada, Greece in 2009.
  • Her signature move is a grabbed inverted front roll whilst really high in the air!
  • She has regularly kitesurfed here in Tarifa, Spain, taking part in the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour in 2018.

Find out more about the female kitesurfer Bibiana Magaji here: https://bibianamagaji.com or follow her kitesurfing adventures on Instagram.

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Image credit: Bibiana Magaji kitesurfing in Tarifa. Photo by Wood Board Official taken from Bibiana Magaji’s Instagram.

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