Windsurf summer camp teenagers in Tarifa, Spain

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Hannah interviewed one of Lenguaventura’s veteran students who has been joining since 3 years the windsurf summer camp.

Profile of Juliette
Name: Juliette Märchar Bernard
Age: 16 years old
Location: Denmark
Been to Lenguaventura: 3rd Year here
Languages: Danish, French and English, now learning Spanish
Future Job: Business Lawyer

Today I filmed this interview with a friend I have made here at the windsurf summer camp, called Juliette. She is from Denmark and is 16 years old. This is her 3rd year at Lenguaventura. This year, she is going to be doing Windsurfing with me because she loves the sport and has done it for five years now.

Yesterday was my first time doing the windsurfing and I was a bit scared at first because I obviously never knew what to do but once I was shown what to do, I loved every minute of it. I kept falling off the board because it was very windy and it was hard to get balance. When it was the end of the class I never wanted to go because it was so much fun. I recommend this activity to the girls who come to Lenguaventura.

Why do we want to see more girls in the windsurfing sport?

There are indeed many reasons for that. One of the best reason is certainly the healthy life style. Moving around on your windsurf board is environment friendly and does not cause any pollution. You get strong and fit and never bored. There is always something new to try out and to learn.

Another reason is that you leave your daily stress on the shore. You disconnect and concentrate on windsurfing to get one with the element.

Last but not least it is a sport you can practise whatever age you have. You can leave it for a while but when going back to the water you will remember and continue where you stopped.

There are always more windsurf girls out there. If you want to get more information about windsurfing girls our blog article will certainly awake your interest.

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