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This year our windsurfing summer camps were back in full force. We had more girls signing up for windsurfing than ever before. Windsurfing is an amazing option if you want to try watersports, as there is no greater thrill than skimming across the water.

And guess what, windsurfing isn’t just for boys either, as there’s lots of amazing women involved in the sport. So check out our selection of the top windsurfing girls and their windsurfing instagram accounts to get you stoked for next summer!

Lena Erdil is a professional windsurfer from Turkey and 2016’s Vice World Champion. She’s sponsored by Red Bull and leads a life of pure adventure! Her windsurfing Instagram records her energetic workout routines; her dog, Roxy and better still, those perfect waves for windsurfing.

Instagram: @lenaerdil

French professional windsurfer, Alice Arutkin’s instagram feed makes us green with envy. Bird’s eye ocean views, beautiful bikini shots and plenty of windsurfing action are enough to keep you wishing for summer all year round. Her blog covers travel and fashion too so you can find out everything you need to live the windsurfing lifestyle, Alice’s way.

Instagram: @alicearutkin

Arrianne Aukes’ instagram account gives us serious wanderlust! Stunning scenery mixed with extreme windsurfing shots document her journey, as she travels around the world, taking on the oceans as a professional windsurfer.

Instagram: @arrianneaukes

Sarah Quita-Ofringa is a professional windsurfer from Aruba; 10 times freestyle and three times slalom world champion, so she seriously knows her stuff when it comes to windsurfing! High-action, up-close snaps of her windsurfing adventures are enough to inspire anyone to take on the sport, plus her videos of her travels and the sport dotted throughout her feed are a bonus. Get more inspired by browsing her website.

Instagram: @cabeibusha

Vice’s world champion of 2014 and 2015, Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt describes windsurfing as “the feeling of flying” and we couldn’t agree more! Her windsurfing instagram feed is full of awesome windsurfing stunts and high octane videos. You may even catch a glimpse of her buddy Sarah Quita-Ofringa too, so what’s not to love? Find out more about her via her website.

Instagram: @odajohanne_windsurfing

Don’t forgot to explore the #windsurfing tag too for awesome and inspiring images from other world champions and watersports photographers.

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