Summer camp blogger: Hannah from Scotland

Posted By lenguaventura on Jul 4, 2017 in Adventure |

My first day in Tarifa as a summer camp blogger  started at 9 in the morning with breakfast and after we got changed and brushed our teeth.

At 10 we had language class for everyone, so we got divided into two groups, the people who were here to learn English went to one classroom and the people who were going to learn Spanish went to another. In the class, we spoke in Spanish and did a few different activities about what type of things we liked to do and what we didn’t like to do.

At half past 11 we got a break and then at 12, classes started back again but my class, who are learning Spanish, went on a walk around Tarifa to learn a bit more about it.

When we came back to the summer camp, it was lunch time. After lunch we went out to do some adventure and camouflage activities. For one of the activities we had to go into two groups to build a shelter that would protect us from the wind and water. After that activity we played a game where you had to camouflage yourself in the grass and behind bushes and trees to hide from the people who were trying to find us. After the game we all went up to a house to have a drink of water and some cake. When we got back to the camp, everyone had showers and most of the students went out to explore Tarifa in our free time. When we came back from our free time, it was time for dinner.

After dinner we got to relax a bit before playing some singing games and doing a dance competition which the boys won. After that, we all went to bed, ready for the next day. A first day full of activities and fun!