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New Year’s Resolutions for Awesome Girls!

A new year means new beginnings! January is a time of reflection, girls like us are often filled with hope to make the new year the best yet. And without sounding too corny – there’s no reason why 2018 can’t be! The team here at Lenguaventura have had many years to work on ourselves and come up with resolutions to make the years happier as time goes on, so we thought we’d share some with you here! Here’s to a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy heart in 2018!

Keep a healthy heart and take time for you – Sometimes life’s demands can get a little overwhelming, be it exam stress, meeting friends or household chores, it can often be difficult to savour a little moment just for you. In 2018, we’re making a conscious effort to spend some time with ourselves and to help us we’re tracking our progress and adventures with a Line a Day Diary – a succinct record of a moment each day, recorded over five years. If you’re 14, imagine how amazing it would be to look back on your entire teenage years in your five-year diary at aged 19! We think it’s a great idea and just wish this had been invented when we were teenagers! Don’t let life pass you by and re-live forgotten moments with yours!

Create a healthy body and exercise – Try every sport or activity you can think of until you find something you love! Then grasp it and don’t let go! A healthy body equals a healthy mind and exercise cannot be overlooked as one of life’s best remedies, for almost everything. Even if you’re not a particularly sporty girl – maybe you don’t like team sports and prefer to exercise on your own, for example – there will be an activity made to suit you! Often girls haven’t thought about kitesurfing or windsurfing when they discover Lenguaventura, and then they get here, and instantly fall in love with watersports! Why not try something new this summer and experience our summer camps, you never know you might just love it and meet some great people along the way. But even if watersports aren’t your thing, then don’t let that deter you as there’s plenty more exercises (did you see what we did there!) from dancing to self-defense to swimming to archery, the list goes on! Explore our Adventure Camp too for some more inspiration.

Educate yourself for a healthy mind – How ever old you get you’re always learning, at 11,15, 18, 28, even 68+! From the small facts you didn’t know or a new word you’ve discovered, or if it’s something a little bigger like learning a lesson from a mistake you’ve made, life is best lived learning each day. Education gives you the tools to tackle life’s adventures, so why not make it a resolution to learn something valuable in 2018. A great starting point for us would be to read about the females who have made an impact on human history, so treat yourself with some of your Christmas money and read Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls which details 100 stories of extraordinary women in easy-to-understand, bite-sized mini tales!

We look forward to meeting some kick-ass girls this summer who will develop into strong, independent and healthy women! Bring on 2018!

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