Kayak activity teen summer camp Sotogrande, Andalusia

Posted By lenguaventura on Jul 8, 2017 in Activities at the beach |

Today, after breakfast, we went kayaking. It was my second time kayaking and I had almost forgotten how to do it but I soon got used to it and remembered how to control the kayak.

On the way up the river we were rowing against the wind and you hand to put a lot of effort into keeping with the group and staying in control of the kayak. When we made it to the bottom of the river, we were allowed to get out and go in the water for a couple of minutes before going back in the kayaks and starting to go back down the river.

On the way back down, it was a lot easier because we were going with the wind and we were all taking our time to enjoy the activity. When we arrived back at the starting point, we got out of our kayaks and put them all next to each other and then it was time for our lunch.

After lunch, we relaxed or went for a sunbathe. Some played games or tried to do some paddle boarding but I chose to sunbathe. When everyone was ready to go, we got back to the camp in Tarifa went for showers and chilled out before going out for free time.

Today a veteran camper also arrived. Her name is Petra and she is really nice! During our free time, I went to some shops with her and Juliette and we all bought a new t-shirts. When we came back from our free time, we chilled out a bit before having dinner and we went on the skateboards that are in the summer camp. After dinner we relaxed a bit more in our rooms and then played some games.

The games were really fun because we got split into two different teams and then we had to do different challenges in one minute each. After the games we read out the love letters again and then we all got ready for bed and fell asleep wondering what is going to happen the next day as every day is different from the former day.