Summer camp excursion – Fieldtrip with the summer camp

Posted By lenguaventura on Jul 12, 2017 in Excursions |

Today we woke up at 9 o’clock in the morning and had breakfast and then got ready for the summer camp excursion what means that we will certainly have a fun day ahead.

When we were all ready we got on the coach and headed to Gibraltar! When we arrived, one hour later, we all piled off the bus and went to the passport control. Suddenly we were in the United Kingdom!

We then had to wait at one side of the runway because a plane was going to land. After the plane landed, we had to walk across the runway to actually get into the city, which was pretty awesome.

When we got into the main town, we split into four different groups and our group leaders gave us different tasks to do in the groups. After we did those tasks, we had some free time to wander around a bit.

Dieuwke from Holland and I went around some of the shops and bought some clothes and some bracelets. After we looked around the shop, we went back to the meeting point. When free time ended, it was then time to go to the top of the “Rock of Gibraltar” to see the monkeys and the great view of course! In only 6 minutes in the cable car, we were up to the top of the rock. It was an amazing experience to see the fantastic view and also funny because of the monkeys. After we walked around and saw some monkeys and got a few photos, it was time to get the cable car back down the hill and start heading for the bus.

When we got back from the summer camp excursion everyone went for a shower and then had free time. When we came back from free time it was time for dinner which was pizza! After dinner time, we then had a movie night. A relaxing way of ending such a great day!