Kiteboarding summer camp teenagers, Tarifa, Spain

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If you’ve been waiting all year for our Kiteboarding summer camp to start and feeling down with the dreary winter weather, then it’s time for some summer sun and water sports inspiration! We’ve included a few of our favourite kitesurf Youtube channels for girls to get you inspired, as well as an amazing fitness blogger to help keep you motivated, healthy and in shape all year round so you’re ready to kick ass as soon as summer starts!

Take a look at our top kitesurf YouTube channels and re-ignite your love for the ocean.

KiteSirens is run by three female kitesurfers that kick ass! Their Youtube videos follow their kiteboarding adventures in Barbados and around the world, alongside energetic kitesurfing workouts and tips for kitesurfing safety. Better still, they’re advocates of keeping our beaches clean and support eco-friendly water sports practices. The kitesurf school Bull Sails with which we work together have supported their exciting kitesurfing exploits in Tarifa so see more about it here.

Link to Youtube channel
Credit: @kitesirens

Univers Kite is the go-to place to get you stocked for your kiteboarding adventures. Check out their YouTube channel which creates compilations of the best kitesurfing videos on the internet. It features lots of women in its kitesurfing videos too so we’re major fans!

Link to Youtube channel

This one’s a little different but we just love fitness vlogger, blogger and personal trainer Zanna Van Dijk. She is a true inspiration when it comes to wellness and workout videos, inspiring you to keep healthy day-to-day. She’s also the co-founder of #GirlGains movement, an Adidas ambassador and the author of her debut book Strong.

Her YouTube channel features everything from beginner’s workout videos to more advanced fitness workouts; vegetarian recipes and wellness videos. You’ll also find wanderlust travel diaries, healthy food ideas and cool Q&As. She’ll be sure to help you unleash your inner girl power!

Link to youtube channel
Credit: @zannavandijk

So that concludes our mini round-up of stunning kiteboarding and fitness YouTube channels! Now you should have a range of workouts that you can do at home alongside all the information and inspiration you could need for your kitesurfing summer adventures! Check out the KiteSirens’ and Zanna’s linked channels on YouTube to find other inspiring kitesurfers and fitness bloggers, that will help you develop a daily routine and achieve your desired #fitspo ready for the kiteboarding summer camp!

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