What to pack for summer camp to stay safe in the sun

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It’s almost here! Lenguaventura summer camp is only a couple of weeks away and that means you’ll be starting to think about what to pack for summer camp. We wrote the perfect packing list for summer camp last year so check that out here but we’ve thought of a few updates for this year. So make sure you’re super ready for summer camp and more importantly, super safe in the sun!


Tarifa is super sunny in the summer which means we must protect our skin from sun damage with sunscreen! Remember when buying a bottle of suncream don’t forget to check the UVA rating on the back of the bottle. Even if your favourite sunscreen is a high factor like factor 30 or 50, if it has a low UVA rating it might not offer the best protection from the sun. The best protection your skin can get from the sun is with factor 50 suncream with a UVA rating of five stars, and this level of protection doesn’t mean spending more money either, as we’ve found some of the cheaper suncreams often offer better protection than some of the expensive brands. When shopping for your sunscreen this summer make sure you check for a five star UVA rating!

Stylish and safe sunglasses

We love a pair of stylish sunglasses in all shapes, colours and sizes but let’s not forget the main reason for them – protection for your eyes against the sun! When shopping for a pair of sunglasses for summer camp make sure you look out for the CE mark on the label. This means they carry a European standard of UV protection and they should allow no more than 5 per cent of UV rays below 380 nanometres to get through. A UV 400 sign may also be on the label which means they should offer slightly more protection from UV rays than sunglasses with just the CE mark. Don’t be fooled to think that the darker the lenses the more protection they offer, as this is not true, and even light tinted sunglasses can offer high UV protection. Make sure you steer clear from sunglasses which don’t carry any of the UV protection marks and lastly, don’t forget to wear them at summer camp!

Learn more about UV rays here.

Reusable water bottle

The most important thing in the hot weather is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. That means a good water bottle is an essential item when packing for summer camp. If you read our latest blog post about keeping our oceans clean, then you’ll know we’re supporters of using less plastic, so a reusable water bottle is at the top of our packing list! We love Chilly’s water bottles made from stainless steel, which means they are safe to drink from and keep your water cold for 24 hours, regardless of the temperature outside. The bottle is leak proof, sweat free and comes in an array of stylish designs; plus you can all use the bottle for hot drinks too in the colder winter months. Stay hydrated at summer camp, whilst being stylish and sustainable, all without a throwaway plastic bottle in sight!

Cover up in the sun

And lastly, it’s always good to add that extra bit of protection by covering your skin when in direct sunlight, such as in the sea or on the beach. The good news is, we’ve got you covered for this one, as our new summer camp t-shirt for Lenguaventura 2018 is the perfect cover up in the sun! Each of our campers will receive a t-shirt on arrival, so check out our blog post about our new t-shirt design for lots of style ideas.

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