Your Lenguaventura summer camp T-Shirt – How to style it

Posted By lenguaventura on May 14, 2018 in Lifestyle |

It’s our 15th anniversary and therefore it calls for a new summer camp T-shirt design to celebrate! This year we’ve designed our T-shirt inline with one of the latest motif T-shirts trends – red text on a pure white tee – a style sure to turn heads!

Our girl campers are always a fashionable bunch and like to stick to their personal style and stand out from the crowd. This means our campers often don’t love wearing their summer camp T-shirt, as it’s the same as everyone else’s. We know your teenage years are the time for self expression and learning how you like to dress, but there’s loads of reasons why summer camp T-shirts are great! Find out why we think so below.

Here are five reasons why a summer camp T-shirt is great:

Here are five reasons why a summer camp T-shirt is great:

  • Summer camp T-shirts are easy to wear as they’re flexible to move around in during activities; they keep you cool in the summer heat and they are easily cleaned so you don’t have to worry about ruining your best clothes.
  • They keep you safe – as it’s much harder to get lost or separated from the group when you’re all wearing the same distinctive T-shirt!
  • They are a great way to keep yourself covered and safe from the strong sun rays here in Tarifa. Throw your summer camp T-shirt over your bright bikinis when being at the beach, ensuring you’re protected as much as possible from sunburn.
  • A summer camp T-shirt that is the same as your fellow campers’ makes you feel part of team, like one big family! Plus at the end of summer camp, you can ask all your peers to sign each other’s T-shirts with messages and memories from a wonderful summer.
  • Once you’ve left Lenguaventura summer camps your T-shirt will make the perfect souvenir of the most awesome summer. Most of our campers return to tell us they’ve kept theirs all year as a momento of their trip. We’ve even heard that our past students have framed theirs for their bedroom wall!

Here are the top three styling tips we’ve learnt from our teenage students over the years, which can help you look unique and super stylish, whilst donning a summer camp T-shirt:


Here in Tarifa we have a vast selection of unique clothing boutiques selling gorgeous accessories with everything from sunglasses to jewellery and hats to sandals. Embrace this and pick up a range of beautiful souvenirs that can add a bright pop of colour and pizazz to your summer camp outfit. Better yet, each of our campers receive a voucher of € 20 for the ages 14, 16 and 17 or € 30 (if you are 15 years old in July). This is how we want to celebrate our 15th anniversary with our participants.

Customise your T-shirt!

There’s nothing stopping you from experimenting with your T-shirt a little bit as long as it still looks similar to your peers. Many of the girls we host at our summer camps like to tie a knot in the bottom of their summer camp T-shirt, making it shorter and more fitted to sit on the waist. Style your summer camp T-shirt like the latest styles in the shops and show off your cutest shorts.

Wear wicked shorts!

Make the most of wearing a fairly plain top by pairing your summer camp T-shirt with the jazziest shorts you can find! Think animal print, bright florals and vivid colours. We love these pairs from Roxy, Rip Curl and ASOS, so check them out for style inspiration!