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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Kitesurfing – Windsurfing beach babes

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming around and this got us thinking about what would make the perfect gifts for our beach babe summer campers. We’ve put together our wish list of the top five gifts we’d love to see under the tree on Christmas day.


Sensi Graves bikinis are not only super stylish but also practical too. Their bikinis are “made to stay put no matter what” so they’re the perfect beach wear when throwing down on a kite board or engaging your core when wind surfing. The founder of the eponymous brand, Sensi, is a pro kitesurfer herself, so she knows exactly what girls and women need to feel supported when working out. Our favourite bikini is the Betsy bikini with its pale pink and on-trend cactus print. Better still it has thick straps and moulded, tacked down cups which are super supportive and its sun protection factor is 50. What’s not to love?! Browse the website to choose your favourite and better yet, there’s 10% off your first purchase!


Flip flops Havaianas

Flip flops are our go-to shoe in the summer in Tarifa and as we barely ever take them off, we need a good quality pair which will last. We always resort to Havaianas as a comfortable, fashionable and reliable pair. We love the golden Havaianas as the neutral colour will match with every bikini for a beautiful beach look. They’re also durable, light weight, heat resistant, non-slip and water resistant. Find your favourite pair here.



Ray Ban Sunglasses

Everyone loves a chic pair of sunglasses and it’s no different here at Lenguaventura! With 1000’s of styles to choose from we’ve struggled to narrow it down but we’ve chosen a pair that we think embodies the sun, sea and sand life here in Tarifa. Ray-ban’s Junior blue injected sunglasses with blue and violet gradient mirror lenses would look ace on a hot summers day. And don’t forget sunglasses don’t just look cool but offer essential protection from the sun’s strong rays.

On those windier days in Tarifa you opt for a wetsuit when surfing those waves, as it offers more warmth and protection from the elements, whilst still remaining completely flexible. We have our own wetsuits available for all our campers to use but if you’d like to stand out from the crowd in your own super slick wetsuit then choose from a range of brilliant brands here.

At Lenguaventura summer camps you don’t need to provide your own Kitesurfing – Windsurfing equipment as we have all the professional gear you need. However, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with year round sun and high winds which are the perfect weather conditions for our watersports then a trainer kite would make a perfect gift for Christmas! The King Of Watersports store has an amazing range of every accessory you could think of when it comes to Kitesurfing-Windsurfing but we particularly love the trainer kites for kitesurfing.

And with that we wish you a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at Lenguaventura!