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The Journey of Kitesurfing Champion Sukie Robertson

Sukie Robertson, the British kitesurfing champion, discovered her passion for kitesurfing at the age of ten. Her love for the sport was instantaneous. She recalls seeing kitesurfers on the beach and immediately knowing it was her calling. However, the journey from a young girl with a dream to a celebrated champion was anything but easy. Sukie spent years performing odd jobs to fund her first kite, showing a dedication and tenacity that would later define her career.

Over the past 15 years, Sukie has honed her skills in both the freestyle and wave riding disciplines of kitesurfing. Freestyle kitesurfing is all about performing big tricks—spins, flips, and passing the bar behind the back—all within a 7-minute heat. In contrast, wave riding involves carving on the face of the wave, requiring precise depowering and repowering of the kite to move from one wave to the next. Sukie’s expertise in both styles has earned her numerous titles, including the prestigious 2018 British Wave Champion.

For Sukie, staying in top form involves a rigorous and diverse training regimen. During winter, she hits the gym, favouring HIIT classes to boost her fitness levels. Yoga, swimming, running, and surfing also play crucial roles in her routine. A typical week includes kitesurfing for about two hours daily, supplemented by activities like stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), cycling, or hiking. Evenings often end with a refreshing swim or surf, ensuring she remains closely connected to the water she loves.

Sukie’s passion for teaching is evident in her commitment to youth kitesurfing clubs in Devon and across the UK. These clubs offer a fun and engaging introduction to the sport, fostering a new generation of kitesurfers. Sukie’s dedication was highlighted when she took a local girl, a product of their club scheme, to compete in the Youth World Championships in China. Such experiences underscore the transformative power of support and mentorship in sports.

For Sukie, ideal kitesurfing conditions hinge on wind availability rather than specific water states. Modern hydrofoils allow kitesurfing in winds as low as 5 knots, but Sukie prefers a minimum of 12 knots for her style of boarding. The UK generally provides favourable conditions, with about four to five suitable days a week for kitesurfing.

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