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Did you know the only 10% of all the kitesurfers in the world are women? Crazy huh?! So here at Lenguaventura we’re keen to grow and support the amazing girls and women who do surf! As you can imagine, with this fact in mind, we’re always happy to hear of developments within women’s kitesurfing so when we came across the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective we couldn’t wait to find out more!

The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective is a global organisation that empowers women within the kiteboarding community. It’s free to join and hosts a community of thousands of women all with the same passion and interest – kitesurfing. It’s a place to be inspired by the amazing kitesurfing women in the field, as well as sharing your own stories and tips with others.

The collective exists on three main goals which are:

  • to empower female kitesurfers in order to grow their confidence and courage and create a world with true gender equality
  • to act as a valuable resource for kiteboarding education, inspiration, and connection for girls and women worldwide
  • to encourage, support and celebrate each other’s achievements and abilities.

There’s so many fun and amazing online resources on the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective which we find truly inspiring, so we’d encourage you to check them out!

Here’s some of our favourite things about the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective:

Meet The Team

There’s a great gallery of profile images on the ‘About Us’ page of the website which means you can learn about the collective’s leaders – their professions and experiences, as well as putting a face to their name. It’s also great to see the diverse range of women who do kite surf which is inspiring!


Tune in to watch the exciting and action packed videos the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective create – from inspirational girls and women in sport to kitesurfing for women over 65 years old! There’s tons to get you feeling energised and excited, so check them out here.


There’s a whole host of informative articles on the website which will keep you up-to-date with the latest news within the kitesurfing industry. Be sure to check it regularly for updates on kitesurfing competitions, pro-tips, surfer stories and other interesting ideas. Some of our favourites are: safety tips for launching and landing during kitesurfing and their discussion on equality and diversity in the the kitesurfing industry.


The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective’s long term goal is to donate 10% of their gross revenue to environmental causes and to women in need, creating a sustainable future not only for our precious oceans and planet but for the girls and women working in kiteboarding too!

What are you waiting for? Join the community now and get inspired!  Join the Facebook group hereFollow the community on Instagram here.

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