Windsurfing Girl Crush: Jenna Gibson, Great Britain

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This month our girl crush is female windsurfer, Jenna Gibson. She was named Windsurfer of the Year 2018/19 and we can see why! Discover more about Jenna and why she’s such a deserving champion below.

  1. Jenna Gibson is 21 years old and from Britain.
  2. Despite being named Windsurfer of the Year 2018/19, Jenna only made her windsurfing debut in 2017, so she’s still fairly new to the professional sport. Inspiring stuff, ey?!
  3. Jenna started windsurfing at the age of 12.
  4. From 6th place to 1st place! In 2017 she finished in 6th place at the PWA world championships that took place in Denmark.
  5. Jenna’s life motto is: “Life is like a coin, spend it however you want, because you can only spend it once.”
  6. She isn’t just Windsurfer of the Year 2018/19 but holds two world championships too! She’s IFCA World Champion 2018 and PWA Youth World Champion 2018.
  7. She has family at heart, as Jenna’s idea of a perfect day would be windsurfing with her family and boyfriend.
  8. Jenna’s ultimate goal would be to hold a senior world title. At this rate we have no doubt she will one day. So watch this space!
  9. Jenna’s idol is Sarah-Quita Offringa. She’s a 15x windsurfing world champion and is flying the flag for women in windsurfing! Jenna said she is “so humble and friendly, definitely someone to be looked up to.” We wrote a blog post last year which includes Sarah’s profile so check it out here or find out more about Sarah on her website here.
  10. Jenna’s most treasured possession is her beloved car. It get’s her to the beach on a windy day with all her gear so she wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Here at Lenguaventura, Jenna is a real inspiration. Follow in Jenna’s footsteps and start your windsurfing journey on our windsurfing summer camp.

In the meantime, keep up-to-date with Jenna’s windsurfing adventures on Instagram here.

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