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The Fun and Friendship at Our Windsurfing Summer Camp

At Lenguaventura windsurfing summer camp , we believe in creating an environment where thrill meets skill and friendship blossoms on the waves. With the sun kissing the azure waters and the wind whispering tales of adventure, our camp stands as a beacon for young girls seeking not only excitement but also the friendship that comes with shared experiences.

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My first day in Tarifa as a summer camp blogger  started at 9 in the morning with breakfast and after we got changed and brushed our teeth.

At 10 we had language class for everyone, so we got divided into two groups, the people who were here to learn English went to one classroom and the people who were going to learn Spanish went to another. In the class, we spoke in Spanish and did a few different activities about what type of things we liked to do and what we didn’t like to do.

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