Summer camp memories – Summer camp Tarifa, Spain

Posted By lenguaventura on Jul 26, 2017 in Adventure |

Where do I start? I absolutely loved my time at Lenguaventura camp and I went home with many unforgettable summer camp memories! When I landed back in Edinburgh, I wanted to get on the next flight back out to Spain just so I can see all of my new friends again and take part in awesome activities again.

When I first arrived at the summer camp, I was nervous and a bit scared to be honest, but it was only because it was my first time doing something like this and I never knew what to expect and I also never knew anyone there.

As the first week went by, I made some amazing friends, for example my room mate, Valentina from Italy. She was really funny and pretty and we hardly left each others side. It was the same with all of the girls actually. We all stuck together because we all got along so well even though we had just met on that Sunday.

The boys were super nice too! We all liked the same type of music and we were all into the same sort of activities. Although there was a mix of languages, for example, Italian, French, Spanish and English and some more, we all managed to communicate easily.

When the second week started, I made even more friends! Petra from New Zealand arrived and we got along so well! We both did the adventure program together but apart from just doing adventure together, we did everything at the camp together. I would recommend the summer camp Lenguaventura in Tarifa to all of my friends, it was such an amazing experience and I would love to do it again! Over the two weeks, I made so many new friends that I hope to keep in contact with and I made so many new summer camp memories that I will keep with me forever!

In the two weeks, I also became more confident and started to believe in my self more. This is because, for one of the days when I was doing the adventure program, we had to climb a mountain and as we were climbing over different rocks and through trees, it made me realise that life is just one big mountain. If you fall, which I did many times that day, you just have to pick yourself up again and carry on with what you were doing because that’s what life does to you. It gives you problems in life and you just have to push through them. That was the most important thing I learnt this summer. All because of Lenguaventura.