Discover Tarifa’s nature in Southern Spain, Andalusia

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[:en]Today we woke up at 9 in the morning as every morning and went to have breakfast before having Spanish class at 10am. After the break we went to the Market to fill out sheets of paper about the different items that you can buy there. When we came back, it was lunch time and after lunch, I went to the adventure activities. Today the activity in the summer camp – discover Tarifa’s nature.

We climbed up hills which had waterfalls and streams. But on the way up to the starting point, we stopped to look out for vultures and we managed to see two. We climbed to the top of the hill and over big rocks.

I have never really done adventure and climbing activities before but I loved it so much. Tarifa’s nature is astonishing and still very well preserved. We did not meet people on our way so it seems as if this is a hidden place and only locals know it. So we have been very lucky to come here.

When we had finished the walk up the hill and we were back at the car and the waterfall, which we got to swim in, I felt really happy to had the chance to know this wonderful nature resort.

After the adventure activity, we came back to our summer camp home and our free time started. I went out for a wander around the town with Valentina from Italy and Maria from Spain to look for a swimming costume and a hat. We came back from the free time to have dinner and after dinner we played different games outside at the entrance of the camp. After we played the games we read out as always the love letters from the love box and then went upstairs to our different dorms to get ready for bed and sleep and get ready for the next day.

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