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As we’re all aware a new infection called Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept across the globe recently causing anxiety, worry and in some cases panic in parts of the world. Of course, the rise of a new infection is scary, but there are ways that we can all be responsible to help reduce the spread of the infection and try to stay safe. Here are our top tips to help protect you and the health of your family, friends and members of the public from Coronavirus.

Wash your hands

It seems like an obvious tip but washing your hands is even more important during the outbreak of a global infection. Health organisations from around the world are advising that you wash your hand vigorously for at least 20 seconds, using an antibacterial soap. Try to wash your hands as often as possible, especially after being on public transport, before eating or being in a shop, for example.

Practice social distancing

Some countries have implemented a mandatory quarantine for residents, but if your government is still allowing you to go out in public then social distancing is a good tip to stay safe and reducing the spread of the virus. This means you should avoid closely interacting with people. Avoid hugging, shaking hands and being too close to someone’s face. Try to stand at least one metre away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Why not create a fun and alternative greeting which doesn’t involve touching so you can still be friendly but responsible at the same time?

Avoid touching your face

Health professionals are advising that people should avoid touching their face as much as possible during the Coronavirus outbreak. It can be hard as we naturally touch our faces a lot – in fact it can be as much as 23 times per hour! Challenge yourself to not touch your face as much as possible. And if you really must, such as when eating, putting on make up or if you have an itch, then make sure your hands are clean before you do.

Avoid public events 

During the Coronavirus outbreak it is advised to avoid public events and gatherings as much as possible. At the weekend enjoy activities you can do indoors such as catching up on your favourite TV series, drawing or making crafts. This will help you avoid people who could have contracted the virus. Your school will be keeping up-to-date on any advice from the government about the safety of students during the outbreak so please follow their advice for attending lessons, assemblies and going out.

Contact health professionals 

If you start to show any symptoms of Coronavirus and suspect you have caught the virus contact your country’s health care provider straight away on the telephone. Do not go into your local doctors surgery as you risk passing the virus to others. The symptoms for Coronavirus include: fever, coughing, shortness of breath and a high temperature.

Find out up-to-date news and information about Coronavirus from the World Health Organisation here:

If we all act responsibly and try to stay safe then we can help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus as quickly as possible.

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