Mindfulness during self isolation

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Right now almost everyone in the world feels anxious, overwhelmed and are out of their daily routines due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s unusual for human beings to spend so much time indoors in one place (even if it is your home), so we’ve come up with some mindfulness tips to helps reduce stress, worry and boredom while in self quarantine. Check out our five tips to help with mindfulness during the Coronavirus pandemic maybe there are some ideas you haven’t tried out yet.

Mindfulness apps

Taking some time each day to totally relax and connect with your thoughts is not only a good idea while in self isolation, but something we should make a habit when normal life resumes too! If anything, now is the perfect time to practice mindfulness. There’s loads of mindfulness apps on the market which can teach you meditation, yoga as well as a range of workouts, cardio and strength exercises. Two apps which we love are Peloton which is free for 90 days and Balance which is a personalised meditation app that is free for a year. There’s lots of others to explore too including Calm and Ten Percent Happier. See which one suits you as you can try most of them for free.

Get creative!

Creative crafts can work wonders for your mental health as they require concentration. There’s plenty of creative things you can do at home which will help with mindfulness during Coronavirus isolation. You could try painting, drawing, sewing, model making or even baking. Get some inspiration on Pinterest and see what creative ideas you can come up with.

Mindfulness Youtube videos

Take a break from Netflix and turn to Youtube instead to achieve mindfulness during the Coronavirus lock down. We love watching TedTalks on Youtube as they have a vast selection of interesting and informative talks so you’ll surely find one that peaks your interest. 


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at your home then make the most of it now. Why not help your parents plant some new flowers, offer to mow the lawn, or help with pruning trees. You never know, you might just get a green thumb! Enjoying nature and some sunshine in your garden is the safest way right now, as it’s shared by just you and your family and adheres to social distancing guidelines. We love the following video which shows creative ideas about what can be done with plants.


Reading is an age old technique to helping humans achieve calm and focused minds. This is in fact the definition of mindfulness. Dust off that book you never got round to reading and give it a go to achieve mindfulness during Coronavirus isolation. Reading before you go to bed helps to maintain healthy sleep practices and gives you mind a break from the overwhelming news on the TV and internet.

We hope you found some of our tips to help with mindfulness during Coronavirus isolation helpful.

Wishing our campers and their families and friends safety, health and wellbeing at this time.

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