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Our Lenguaventura summer camps are closed for 2020

After a long process of hesitation and consideration it is with sadness that we have decided to postpone this year’s Lenguaventura summer camps, until 2021.

As much as we’ve tried to be hopeful, it is important to be realistic that it is not safe to operate a summer camp for teenagers this year during a global pandemic. Although we have read more than once that the disease presents a minimal risk to young adults and children, we also have to think of the health and safety to our older staff members and our campers’ family members… What do we really know about this disease? It is too new to be sure. Closing our summer camp for 2020 seems like the safest and most logical option to us right now, especially as we host teenagers from all around the world. In our opinion our decision is in the best interest of our campers and staff.

 This was not an easy decision to make, as we believe that we have the obligation towards our campers and their parents to pursue every possible solution to open the camp each summer. Unfortunately, each avenue that we discussed did not convince us that we can operate the camp safely this year. We can’t imagine a summer camp that has to split up the kids into small groups and similar issues. 

Don’t miss out Lenguaventura summer camps 2021!

This summer for us will be very unusual and different. It will be too quiet without the laughter of the teenagers, their joy and their music. We will miss it but look forward to being back in 2021, with new ideas, for even more diversion and fun. Of course we will continue to offer kitesurf and windsurf. Our preparation time is now much longer than usual and we will take advantage of that. 

We hope that in 2021 we will have the chance to welcome and get to know the campers who would have joined us in 2020. We will stay in touch through our social media on both Facebook  and Instagram and of course we will upload exciting blog articles on our website www.lenguaventura.com.

We wish our campers and their families a wonderful summer and hope that the inevitable cancellation fo this year’s camp has not caused too much disruption to your plans – I think we would all agree that the safety of our campers, their families and our staff is paramount.

Stay positive, healthy and safe. We have high hopes and look forward to welcoming you next year!


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