Having something to look forward to

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It’s true that having something to look forward to improves your overall happiness and contentment with life. A healthy sense of “anticipation” can energise our lives, and even help us get through tough times.

At times like these when things don’t feel normal and many of our exciting plans have been put on hold or cancelled indefinitely, it’s important to stay positive about the future. So it’s essential for us all to have something to look forward to! Find out why it’s healthy to have something to look forward to.

Stay optimistic about the future

When things feel out of control – and Coronavirus certainly can at times – then it breeds the perfect environment for anxiety. Anxiety is our brains way of convincing us that only horrible things are in our future. Not a healthy outlook for anyone. By having something to look forward to it challenges our anxiety by helping us keep in mind that fun times are ahead.

It’s a pleasant distraction

There’s been a lot of long and unsure days and frankly having something to look forward to creates a welcome distraction. We’ve all been told to “stop daydreaming” – maybe in class or by your parents – but daydreaming can actually be quite healthy. It’s a way to escape the real world for a few minutes and practice mindfulness by getting lost in a positive alternate universe. Why not take five minutes break from your phone and daydream instead?

Be happy in anticipation of what’s coming

Having something to look forward to helps motivate us through the now. It gives us anticipation for what’s to come and makes delayed gratification more bearable for the bright future we have ahead. For example, we know many of our campers are tired with distance learning, but if you put in the work now, it’ll pave the way for you attending the college of your dreams one day!

Here’s a little list of some things we have to look forward to in the very near future…

  1. Change of seasons – just think of the amazing colours which you’ll experience with the change of summer to autumn
  2. A good book – staying cosy as the weather gets cooler with a great book is always one of our favourite things to do.
  3. The great outdoors – we’ve been enjoying long walks in nature for the past few months because being outside (aside from being in your own home) is one of the safest places to be.
  4. Christmas – whatever Christmas will look like this year, we hope you get to spend it with some of your family members making memories and hopes for 2021.
  5. Hot dinners – spending more time at home, means you’ve got more time to create tasty dinners with your family. Why not experiment by making something you’ve never tried before?

….or you simply dream of the next kitesurfing summer camp to come and read former blog articles about cool girls and young women in the kitesurf world or learn more about the Kitesurf Talent Programm.

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