Girls Charities to support this Christmas

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It’s at Christmas that everyone comes together – family, friends and even strangers – to celebrate a special, festive time. Each year during the shopping madness and commerciality of Christmas it’s important to take time out to think about those less fortunate than ourselves and those in need. We’re true believers of girls empowering girls. So here’s our list of some awesome girls charities and causes that you should support this festive season!


Coppafeel is a women’ charity which raises awareness of breast cancer in young women. It was started in 2009 by an amazing woman, Kris Hallenga, who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer at only 23 years old. Coppafeel aims to raise awareness of checking your boobs regularly as breast cancer does not just affect older women. Kris wants to get the word out there that checking your breasts and catching signs of cancer early means you have a higher chance of surviving and recovering. Take Kris’ message seriously and ensure you know your boobs. Make sure you help spread the word to all the girls and women you know! Find out more about Coppafeel here and follow them on Instagram here.

Because I am a Girl!

The “Because I am a Girl” campaign by Plan International is helping to raise awareness of the exploitation of girls all around the world. It is an international charity which strives to gain complete gender equality for girls as well as advancing children’s rights. Some of the amazing developments they have made over the years is introducing sex education into the national curriculum; highlight the issues of period poverty as well as working to end child marriage, gender based violence and sex trafficking. Find out how you can help and join the campaign here or donate to the Girl’s Fund here.

Malala Fund

 The Malala Fund was set up by 21 years old Malala Yousafzai, who survived a gun shot wound to the head in a terrorist attack in 2012. Channeling her amazing bravery and strength, Malala set up the fund to help break down the barriers which prevents girls around the world from going to school. The Malala Fund challenges factors such as poverty, war and gender discrimination which act as barriers to girls getting an education and helps them get into school to receive the 12 years of free education every girl should be entitled to. Since 2013 when the charity was set up, Malala has helped thousands of girls get an education but there are still 130 million uneducated girls in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, so find out how you can help here and learn more about Malala’s inspiring story too!

Take some time out this Christmas to help those in need and why not share your favourite girls Charities with us in the comments so we can discover more great causes too?!

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