Best sustainable Ecotourism Activities in different parts of Spain

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Travelling is great. It inspires, broadens the mind and creates a global community; but sometimes the tourism industry can have a negative impact on the world’s animals and environments. That’s why we’ve created an ecotourism adventure especially for teenagers from 14 to 17 years here at Lenguaventura!

teen summer camps tarifa, ecotourism adventure

You won’t have time to be bored during our Adventure Camp with activities like learning how to make fire; making your own driftwood rafts and creating artwork with recycled materials, exploring waterfalls and making survival shelters. More importantly, you’ll discover how to live in harmony with wildlife at our Nature Reserve and learn how to protect the wild animals around you. Our Adventure Camp offers a huge range of exciting activities that are both sustainable and responsible with all the fun!

Better still you’ll receive an Eco-Citizen Award at the end of your stay. Take a look at our ecotourism Adventure Camp for teenagers here.

While we’re at it, here’s some other great eco-travel experiences on offer here in Spain: Spain is full of bustling cities brimming with culture that you, your family and friends will want to explore. Think twice before catching a ride on a polluting tour bus and instead discover the hidden gems of Barcelona via a walking tour or e-bike. There are plenty on offer but two of our favourites are the Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour and Barcelona eBike Tours.

teen summer camps tarifa, rock jumping

Teen summer camps, rock jumping


Ibiza Horse Valley is a horse sanctuary situated in the Es Murta natural park in Ibiza. Run by horse lovers and experts Monique & David, the sanctuary acts to save horses from abandonment and mistreatment. We had the pleasure of visiting Ibiza Horse Valley and it was inspiring to see the horses living so harmoniously in their natural surroundings.

With over 40 hectares of unspoiled land, the horses are free to gallop around until their heart’s content! Visitors have the chance to groom and feed the horses, as well as learn each of their incredible life stories. You can also ride the horses through the lush valleys and steep hills of Ibiza and take in the breathtaking scenery whilst you’re at it.

Spain is host to many stunning national parks all offering a variety of eco-tours. Explore the Sierra Nevada National Park and discover its diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife such as Wild Boar and Iberian Ibex. The Brown Bear Foundation at the Somiedo National Park has been working tirelessly to preserve the bear population; its wardens lead regular eco-tours of the bear’s habitats so why not go bear-watching and give to a good cause?