Adventure activities Lenguaventura, Tarifa, Andalusia

Posted By lenguaventura on Jul 6, 2017 in Adventure |

Today I participated in the Lenguaventura adventure activities.

We went to an aerial assault course which I was not expecting. When we got there we had to put on a harness and gloves for safety and got shown what to do on the different types of courses.

After we split up to go on different courses, I realized how high we were off the ground and I got a bit scared but I kept going on the courses until I had done all of the ones I had wanted to do.

I stopped for a lunch break and then went back on my way around the courses. When we had all finished, we took the harness and the gloves off and headed back to the van.

We soon arrived at the beach and joined the rest of the group and played some games. We also climbed big sandy hills in Bolonia which we could roll down called “Dunas”. That was so much fun! I was so exhausted walking up them but when it was time to roll down them, I wanted to stay there all day!

When we left the beach and came back to the summer camp, everyone went for showers and went out around the town of Tarifa in our free time. We all came back from free time, ready to have dinner and play games afterwards. After we had dinner, we got put into different teams and we had to drink different liquids. With each liquid there was a task we had to do. The task was to either act like royalty, celebrities or some more other personalities . After we sorted out who was who, we sat down and watched Guardians of the Galaxy with popcorn to relax after a day full of action.

Looking forward to tomorrow another day with new challenges.